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Apr 02 2013
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Breyers Before and After

When Ian got the job to re-design the Breyers logo, his two sons were thrilled and they told all of their friends. Ice cream. Finally, their dad had schoolyard caché.

This image is courtesy of The Dieline. The old packaging and logo are on the left, the new package, with Ian’s logo, is on the right. You can see other side-by-side examples here.

Do you follow The Dieline? It’s a great site. It’s founder and editor, Andrew Gibb, is all about profiling and discussing excellence in packaging design.

Mar 18 2013
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Aussie Coke Campaign – analysis



I found the Australian Coke campaign fascinating and it was very successful. As you know, Ian created a custom font for Coke which they used to create 150 “name-labels” for a summer-time promotion.

Here is a “post-analysis”, a kind of case study, of the campaign by Marketing Magazine.

Mar 04 2013
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Miller High Life redesign

Beth Blinebury hearts great design. Here’s her post:

A lot of people who know us may be surprised that we would open this little beer design survey with a corporate giant such as Miller (or should I say MillerCoors… Ugh), but people who know me very well (and who may have taken part in all-night Champagne-of-Beers benders) know that I hold a special love in my heart for “The Champagne of Beers.” Beth may not savor the flavor as much as I, but we agree that High Life is a beer that has maintained excellent branding throughout its almost 110 years. And we’re all lucky right now to be in the middle of their Heritage Bottles campaign, highlighting how the branding has changed over the years but not so much so that it ever lost its unique identity or surrendered to the awful fate of “makin’ it FLASHY!”

By far, my favorite overhaul of the image took place in 2010, when Landor, along with illustrator Chris Mitchell and typographer Ian Brignell, brought the “classy” factor up another magnitude. Truly a wondrous can and/or bottle to behold whilst kicking back with a cold one.


May 06 2012
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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Excerpted from The Dieline:

Brand Launch Kit for Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Brand Launch Kit for Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum dramatizing the “darker side of Captain Morgan”.

“We designed the kit to feel like a contemporary version of a Captain’s chest. With a modern take on black woodgrain and old world type, it also extends the graphic language developed for the label. We created the brand book to evoke the Henry Morgan legend and share tasting notes and recipes through black and white photography, woodcut illustrations and vintage type – all with an authoritative, confident persona and smart language. To educate and empower people to experience everything that Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum had to offer and drive home the point that this rum can replace other brown spirits, we included a flask, whiskey stones and bottle of bitters.

Coordinating our in-house work along with our strategic partners was a huge part of this project. Our industry-expert copywriter used our concept as a guide while writing the brand book content. We worked with an amazing prop stylist and art directed a shoot with one of the best photographers in the spirits genre. We designed and sourced the brand book, box and promotional items from Vermont, Minnesota and China. Managing our printing and fulfillment partner was crucial in the final steps toward bringing the Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum launch kit to life.”

Brand Launch Kit designed by The O Group

Bottle Designed by Landor

Lettering Designer, Ian Brignell

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Tech Vibes on Western rebranding

Western University Rebranding Brings Transition to Light

This rebranding movement has been the source of a lot of controversy amongst alumni and the student population. There’s also been a lot of conversation about the $200,000 that was spent on this initiative, the majority of which went into consulting.

The more tangible results of this project besides the new name consist of a new logo, a richer shade of purple, and a custom font designed by font wiz Ian Brignell.

Western letterhead_teaser

Read the complete article here.

Jan 05 2012
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Coke’s Aussie Campaign, including a new font by Ian, was a huge success.

Thousands of Aussies votes have decided the 50 new names to appear on Coca-Cola bottles.

They will soon be able to share a COKE with Katie, Damien and Alison after casting more than thirty thousand votes to decide the 50 new names that will appear on bottles of COKE this month, for the final phase of the ‘Share a COKE’ campaign.

Following unprecedented consumer response to the launch of the original 150 names in October, the second phase of the campaign saw Coca-Cola give Australians a say in choosing the next 50 names. Consumers were invited to nominate the names of their friends and loved ones for consideration and share a story to explain why they would like to share a COKE with that person.

The final shortlist of names was then put to public vote on the Coca-Cola Facebook page