Dec 16 2013

Another Fan Letter

We love getting fan mail. Here’s one from a graphic design student talking about the Ian Brignell feature spread in this best selling textbook by Terry Rydberg.

Exploring Indesign txt

Subject: Re: Thanks for being profiled in my textbook
Hi Ian,
Thanks for the kind, detailed response! I will have to check out the flexible pens at my local art store, sounds intriguing! I have sort of a long history with technical pens as I am an architect. Remember trying to clean out the Koh-I-nor rapidographs because you left the ink in the pen that dried out? Nowadays, I have taken many digital media classes at the local community college in the past few years, in typography the teacher and I laughed about the memory of using press type/letraset., and how if you ran of lower case “e’s” you would try to make one by using a lower case “c” and some other letter to make the cross bar…Also took calligraphy years and years ago so played around with nibbed pens.  No end to the fun! Best of luck and
Thanks again!