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Aug 18 2014
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In English and French, Ian Brignell is news!

LeJDC frontpage


The following is a translation of an original article by French journalist Denis Chaumereuil which appeared in Le Journal du Centre in August, 2014.

The graphic designer for Coke, Dove and Leffe takes his vacations in la Nièvre!

Ian Brignell is a renowned lettering and logo designer for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Unwittingly, you have almost certainly bought one of the products which has benefitted from his artistic flair.

In the hamlet of La Bretonnière, deep in the Donzy countryside, there is a magnificently restored old farmhouse. It is the summer home of Ian Brignell and Catherine O’Toole for six or seven weeks of each year.

He is the creator of Ian Brignell Lettering Design. She is its marketing director and the business is based in Toronto (Canada). Ian designs the fonts and logos for internationally famous brands.

He has specialized in this for the last 29 years.

No big deal, you might say, but one only has to mention Dove, Leffe and Hoegaarden beer, Smirnoff vodka or the iconic Coke font (for the Share-a-Coke campaign) to realize what Ian does. He is the lettering designer for numerous star products.

He doesn’t deal directly with these big companies but works through their advertising agencies or marketing consultants. That said, his work nonetheless represents brands that are known and recognized worldwide. As a freelance graphic designer for the last 29 years (he also worked in London for three years) Ian says “it’s all the result of a long process. I had a lot of clients in Toronto and have built up a complete network in New York”’. Ian has made his mark. He is a major reference in his line of work which has few competitors, “design requires a subtle approach and has to create an emotional response. One must listen very carefully to clients”, his artistic ability does the rest. The campaign directive is invariably very precise and deadlines relatively short, sometimes only four or five days. On average he generally has between one and two weeks.

A notable exception was Smirnoff “there was an eighteen month gap between my initial research and the finished product” For Coke’s personalized-cans campaign everything moved very quickly “one of my New York clients contacted me in 2011. The briefing was to design a typeface for the brand. I did it in only two weeks. It was test launched in Australia and since then it’s gone worldwide. It’s great, I’m very proud of it”

Lively spirited (and speaking very capable French) Ian stays on the ball. He has made good use of his holiday break to create the logo for his new company, IB Type. It is due to be launched this coming October.



Gill Sibley is a translator (French-to-English). Her areas of expertise include film sub-titling, screenplays, scripts, press releases, magazine/journal articles and ad/packaging copy. Contact Gill (in France)

Jul 07 2014
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Famous Canadian Typographer: Ian Brignell

What’s in a synonym? What’s in a name?

You choose;

Famous Canadian Typographer: Ian Brignell

Famous Canadian Type Designer: Ian Brignell

Famous Canadian Font Designer: Ian Brignell

Famous Canadian Lettering Designer: Ian Brignell

Famous Canadian Logo Designer: Ian Brignell

Whew. Here he is last autumn hiking at Tew’s Falls, ON. So damn Canadian…

Ian at Tew's Falls

May 22 2014
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PRESS RELEASE: Ian Brignell announces new online digital foundry: IB Type Inc. Launch date October 1st, 2014

For Immediate Release                                      Toronto, May 22, 2014

Ian Brignell, the Toronto-based logo, lettering and font designer, is pleased to announce the launch date of his new online digital foundry.

IB Type Inc.                 One man. One hand. Every letter.

Launch date: October 1st, 2014

For Ian Brignell, it’s always been all about the WORK

Ian Brignell’s logo, font and lettering design is ubiquitous. His work is characterized by both elegance and design breadth. The geographic range of his work is international in scope, and his design impact on many of America’s most iconic brands is remarkable.

Ian Brignell has designed custom fonts for Coke and Bell, among others. This October 2014, Ian will launch his own online digital type foundry, IB Type Inc. Finally, everyone will be able to have a Brignell typeface in their font library.

About Ian Brignell

Ian Brignell is a Toronto-based logo, lettering and font designer.

Ian Brignell studied graphic design at Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada (grad 1982). He began his own graphic design firm, ran it for two years then closed shop because he wanted to see the world. An inveterate traveler, Ian ended up living and working in London, England. He returned to Canada in 1988 and founded Ian Brignell Lettering Design. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Catherine O’Toole, and their two sons.

About Catherine O’Toole

Catherine is Marketing Director for Ian Brignell Lettering Design and Company co-Director with Ian of IB Type Inc.

Formerly, she worked in sales, marketing and as Editor in the textbook publishing industry. Catherine is a writer.

For more information, please contact Catherine(at)IBType(dot)com.



Nov 12 2013
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Stingrays and Lions and Tigers – oh my!



Toronto loves the Toronto Zoo and I love this poster series designed to promote Stingray Bay. Ian Brignell had a lot of fun with these three.

Stingray Bay was unique in that patrons could interact with stingrays by feeding and touching them as the rays swam around. The exhibit closed in 2012, but Ian’s lettering lives forever.

Nov 06 2013
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Hug Me: Coca-Cola Introduces Gesture Based Marketing in Singapore

This is the title of an excellent article written by Anthony Wing Kosner and published in Forbes online.

Here’s the first paragraph:

How do you translate Coca-Cola into Singaporean English? How about, “Hug Me”? That’s the premise of a new marketing campaign that Coke has launched in Singapore. But what makes this newsworthy, at least for me, is that the message is being sealed with a gesture.

Read the rest here.