Mar 11 2014

SMIRNOFF by Ian Brignell still No.1

SmirnoffNo.! poster

That’s a lot of vodka…

Do you like reading annual reports? I like reading annual reports and Diageo‘s 2013 A.P. is a treat.

Their statistics are remarkable: Out of the top 20 premium distilled spirits brands worldwide, Diageo has 7; out of the top 100 they have 17. Diageo creates, nurtures, innovates, markets and protects their brands with diligence and flourish.

We here at Ian Brignell Lettering Design are proud of how many of these brand (and sub-brand) logos Ian has designed: Captain Morgan, Tanqueray Rangpur, Pampero Anniversario, Don Julio, Parrot Bay, Cacique, Leyenda, George Dickel #8 and #12 and Crown Royal. Have I forgotten something? Possibly… and he has designed too many sub-brand logos to list.

So, let’s raise a glass to Smirnoff. Cheers!

Smirnoff logo b. 2002