Jan 05 2012

Coke’s Aussie Campaign, including a new font by Ian, was a huge success.

Thousands of Aussies votes have decided the 50 new names to appear on Coca-Cola bottles.

They will soon be able to share a COKE with Katie, Damien and Alison after casting more than thirty thousand votes to decide the 50 new names that will appear on bottles of COKE this month, for the final phase of the ‘Share a COKE’ campaign.

Following unprecedented consumer response to the launch of the original 150 names in October, the second phase of the campaign saw Coca-Cola give Australians a say in choosing the next 50 names. Consumers were invited to nominate the names of their friends and loved ones for consideration and share a story to explain why they would like to share a COKE with that person.

The final shortlist of names was then put to public vote on the Coca-Cola Facebook page


source: http://www.campaignbrief.com/2012/01/30000-aussies-have-voted-on-50.html