Oct 15 2013

Let’s Talk Dirty: Discipline

Ian fields a lot of queries about his creative process. All successful designers do. It is one of the most difficult questions to answer because the interested parties, often at the beginning or early-middle of their design careers, are hoping for fairy dust. People want to believe that artistry alone will their futures make. But this is not true. Along with talent, passion and some luck, to have a successful and long creative career you require discipline.

I can hear you groaning. What picture in the mind does the word conjure? Whips? Chains? Gloomy-gray windowless rooms? Ian Brignell’s life and career suggest otherwise.

Ian works out five mornings a week; has done since he was sixteen years old. Is he an exercise freak show? Nope. It’s just that this morning ritual is the cornerstone of his creative process.  During Ian’s routine his mind clears, his goals for the day come into focus and he leaves the gym creatively open and grounded.

Then he goes to work. Ian does not have unproductive days.

Here’s a new picture: Creativity as a bright river running beside and over and around your personal landscape. But the river is no good to you unless you decide to get wet. Ian’s daily routine, this discipline, re-plants his feet in the creative flow every single day.

Want a successful creative career? Figure out what gets your feet in the river and do it. Every single day.

This was the first instalment in The Story series.