Oct 07 2013

What the hell am I doing here, really?

Well, I’m not going to be a cheerleader. The micro-blogging/fb/instagram universe is full of cheerleaders and it feels a lot like high school and does not interest me at all. Also, Ian Brignell needs no cheerleading. His work speaks for itself. Thousands of people visit his portfolio site every week because he creates intelligent, elegant design solutions that meet the needs of his clientele and satisfy the eye. And he does it every day, no audience required.

So what the hell is my job? To tell his story, I think.

How does Ian do it every day? Why does he still love to do it every day? Whence his creative energy and flow? Now that’s the stuff I want to write about.

I will still post his new work, the attendant marketing campaigns, awards, etc. And, of course, Cocktail Hour interviews so you can hear Ian Brignell in his own words. To all of that I now add THE STORY. Ian Brignell’s story. Personal and passionate, it will exceed 140 characters.

Whew. Feels like relief…